I'm Sebastien Couture, Co-founder and Host of Epicenter, a podcast which explores the current state and potential future of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. I write about blockchain and crypto, privacy, personal OpSec, and occasionally post photos.

Cosmology - Issue #4

I've decided to start a Patreon page for those who wish to support Cosmology. Monthly support starts at just $1, and you can give as much as you like.

Cosmology - Issue #3

A lot has happened since the last issue! The Interchain Conversations conference, the HackAtom hackathon, security vulnerabilities were found and fixed, LIBRA! This is a long one…

Why podcasting is valuable

A tweet got me thinking more generally about the value of podcasting and would like to share some of those views here.

Thoughts on Blockchain and AI

In preparation for our interview with Ben Groetzel, some thoughts about blockchain and AI come to mind.

The value of user feedback

As the host of a podcast, it's easy to get into a one-way conversation with your audience. Typically, information flows in one direction and is one-way, and one-to-many. It's the nature of the medium.

Thoughts on Ethereum 1.x

There are certainly benefits to a more progressive approach to evolving Ethereum. However, I do see something which could play in Ethereum's disfavour.

How to request right to erasure under GDPR (with email template)

The European Data Protection Regulation which came into effect in 2018 gives its citizens and residents certain rights over their data. One such right is the right to erasure, often referred to as right to be forgotten. Article 17 of GDPR reads:The data subject...

Zcash reveals a major counterfeiting vulnerability

Yesterday, it was revealed by the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company (the company behind Zcash) that a major counterfeiting vulnerability in Zcash had been detected and successfully remediated.

Dutch auctions explained

Though Dutch auctions regularly appear in the crypto space and are frequently mentioned on Epicenter, it occurred to me that I only had a superficial understanding of their mechanics. Here's my attempt at explaining how they work in simple terms.

Gaining sovereignty over one's personal data

In recent months, I've taken steps to get off all Facebook products entirely and reduce my dependency on Google services. The goal is to protect and gain sovereignty over my personal and private data. To date, I have achieved the following: Deleted my Facebook and...

Facebook's sweatshop moment

Facebook is once again in the news. This latest scandal event adds to the mounting evidence that the company lacks any sense of ethics and morality.